Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mother and Child Homeopathic First Aid Kit

It can often be difficult to find effective remedies whilst pregnant/ lactating or for infants. Most herbs and pharmaceuticals are often not safe to use during these life stages. Homeopathics remedies, however, are completely safe with no side effects and have proven to be effective for many. They are quite pleasant in taste and therefore very easy to administer. They can work very quickly when the correct remedy is given. 

The following are easy, simple remedies for every day conditions:
Teething; Chamomila, Calc Phos

Colic; Mag Phos, Chamomilla

Wound; Arnica, Hypericum

Colds and Flu's;Kali Mur, Pulsatilla, Nat Mur

Growing Pains; Mag Phos, Calc Phos

Tantrums; Rescue Remedy, Emergency essence, Chamomilla

There are also a variety of other natural first aid kits available such as; Birthing kit, travelers kits, home and office kits. Please contact Kuranda Health and Healing or your local practitioner for further information.